Joseph’s Dream is a unique experience that brings traditional theatre elements together with dance and high fashion, as well as the most current sound and visual technologies. Using audio and visual technology, Joseph’s Dream seeks to immerse the audience in the story . A story that, albeit a dream, was a vision of something that actually happened. With the Bible having been written so long ago, and the stories being so old, it is sometimes hard for Christians to remember something important: that these events actually took place. Through Joseph’s Dream, the stories are made more real, and more relevant. With state of the art visual and sound technologies supporting a compelling script, it is not hard to imagine the people and the places actually living and breathing. From the first moments, the audience is transported to Old Jerusalem and made to understand the complexities of the choice that is put in front of Joseph. Joseph’s Dream is a vision of choice. It is a choice that set the stage for the life of a child. But, truly all of our lives are in the balance…

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