To deliver an experience that will really transport the audience, it is important to immerse their senses. With current audio and visual technology, this is possible. But to really create ‘moments’, you have to bring together all the elements seemlessly.

It Starts With Sound

These ‘goosebump moments’ are deeply rooted in the sound effects, so to begin, our sound engineer and technical director, Kyle Sullivan, scoured the script seeking out as many of these moments as possible, poring over the soundscape to create the most realistic and startling sound effects at the absolute perfect moment. The result beautifully supports the script and brings the audience that much deeper into the story.

Going Deeper With Visual Technology

To complete the transportation, lighting and visual effects were provided by SJP Productions LLC. The audience was surrounded by a large, seamless projection mapped set with custom built digital 3D scenery. Beautiful details, and subtle movements created a realistic but altogether dazzling effect for theatre. Using projection mapping technology, SJP Productions transformed the set and the surrounding building to create an immersive visual experience. Humans, like all creatures, are hypnotized by light. We find it hard to look away from screens. In Joseph’s Dream, we wrapped the screens around the viewer’s peripherals to fully immerse the audience.

Painstaking Synchronization

Great lengths were made with the video to complement Sullivan’s ‘goosebump moments’ on the soundtrack. This combination of audio and visual elements were very effective in adding dynamics and great shows of power to the experience. For the cast, there is the added pressure of meeting strict timings, so they too worked with the soundtrack from day one, learning the rhythm beautifully, like true professionals. This painstaking synchronization allowed us to combine audio, light and video elements at crucial moments throughout Joseph’s Dream to create powerful experiences of both good & evil and draw out a deeper understanding of the awesome power and majesty of the supernatural, as well as the terrifying realities of evil.


Alexander Diaz spent many hours with S. Jeremy Peters of SJP Productions, sketching out scenes and going over ideas for video effects. Together, they researched the places and architecture of ancient Jerusalem to put together realistic and appropriate scenes. Using these digital sets as a base, Jeremy spent many hours bringing Alex’s imagination to life to bring to life the more supernatural parts of the scenes.